Tuesday, January 31, 2006

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A very special congratulations to everyone who worked on LA TRAGEDIA DE MACARIO!
Great going guys and gals!
I hope that this is to be just the beginning of a wonderful career!
From everyone at Digital Work Studios we wish you the best!
Yours truly, Ricardo Mendoza.


Sunday, January 29, 2006

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"La Tragedia" Still on a roll - Santa Barbara Film Festival and SXSW

"La Tragedia de Macario", hot off a run at the Sundance Film Festival, continues to gain momentum, screening at the upcoming Santa Barbara International Film Festival, then on to Austin to screen at the South by Soutwest Film Festival in March.

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Good Reviews Bolster "Macario's" Buzz

The last screening of Pablo Veliz's "La Tragedia de Macario" Thursday at the Library Theater at the Sundance Film Festival, was sold out, and boasted a lengthy Q&A with the filmmaker and the entire principal cast. One woman whose voice broke with emotion, simply thanked Pablo for bringing this beautiful story to the screen.

Ray Greene of Box Office.com writes, "A largely excellent cast seems at times a bit too young for its roles (this is particularly true of the lovely Tina Rodriguez as the Virgin Mary), and there are other signs of minimal budgeting and limited experience. But Veliz's eye for mundane detail and the importance of his theme transcend these limitations, and the central performances from Rogelio Ramos and Milicent Figueroa are graceful and assured.

Inspired by a real incident in which 19 illegal immigrants died a similar death, "La Tragedia de Macario" takes one of the great issues of our time and makes it human in scale. The suffocation scene is surely one of the most terrifying sequences that will appear in any movie shown this year."

I wholeheartedly agree.

Read the entire review at http://www.boxoffice.com/scripts/fiw.dll?GetReview?&where=ID&terms=8514

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

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Film San Antonio Helps Create Mobile Content Festival

Film San Antonio has teamed up with the Digital Convergence Initiative to producer MCF 2006 - the Mobile Content Festival. Premiering in Austin on March 14th, winners in three categories - FILM, APPLICATIONS, & GAMES - will vye for prizes like video iPods and copies of NewTek's LIGHTWAVE 3D.

Films for submission must be 30-90 seconds in length. See all the rules at www.dcitexas.org/mcf.

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San Antonio "City on the Rise" for Indie Filmmaking

The current issue of MOVIEMAKER magazine has come out with their annual TOP TEN list of cities to make independent films, and San Antonio for the second year, has received mention as a "City on the Rise". With filmmakers like Pablo Veliz (www.cineveliz.com) and Ricardo Mendoza (www.digitalworkstudios.com) hitting the festival circuit this year, we are poised for success!

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La Tragedia Acquired by Arrival Pictures for US Theatrical

JANUARY 23, 2006


Park City, UT - January 23, 2006 -- Today at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival, "LA TRAGEDIA DE MACARIO" a narrative film by twenty-three year old first-time filmmaker Pablo Veliz was acquired by Arrival Pictures for domestic theatrical release.

Arrival Pictures, coming fresh off the success of "THE KEEPER: THE LEGEND OF OMAR KHAYYAM" and producer's representatives Strategic Film Partners closed the deal two days after the world premiere of the film.

Negotiations between Arrival Pictures president Charles Acosta and Strategic Film Partners principals Alex Barder and Lawrence Silverstein went through the night and closed early Monday morning.

The picture premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and has received a great deal of attention due to its compelling narrative storytelling which tackles the controversial and topical subject matter of immigration.

Set against the backdrop of what many consider to be the worst immigrant tragedy in American history, the film explores the complexities of the immigrant's struggles, triumphs, loves and spirit with moving results.

The story is very personal to Veliz, who himself emigrated across the Mexican-U.S. border, and incorporates Veliz's own true life struggles in the film.

"The filmmakers are very excited to have their film released through Arrival Pictures," noted Strategic partner Barder, "Arrival Pictures has made a place for themselves as a preeminent distributor of specialty films with a broad appeal and will do a tremendous job with this remarkable picture."

"La Tragedia de Macario is a compelling and politically controversial film with a powerful message which needs to be heard," said Arrival Pictures president Acosta. Along with Arrival Pictures marketing director Lori Madrid, Acosta is currently targeting a late spring theatrical release.

For more information on the film go to http://www.LaTragedia.com

For more information on Arrival Pictures go to http://www.ArrivalPictures.com

For more information on Strategic Film Partners go to http://www.StrategicFilmPartners.com

Sunday, January 22, 2006

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Sundance World Premiere La Tragedia de Macario

Everyone gathered at the Library theater on Friday around 1 PM for the 2:30 PM premiere of the film. We hooked up with Alex Barder, the film's producer's rep, and hung out in the green room until showtime.

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Salt Lake City Screening Saturday, January 21st

Pablo almost didn't make it to this screening on time, because he had to come down the mountain from the directors brunch at Sundance. But he made it, and the film played to a sold out crowd. Everyone headed back to Park City where Pablo cooked up a traditional San Antonio dinner.

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La Tragedia de Macario at Sundance

Pablo Veliz and Milicent Figueroa ham it up outside the sold-out screening in Salt Lake City.