Sunday, January 29, 2006

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Good Reviews Bolster "Macario's" Buzz

The last screening of Pablo Veliz's "La Tragedia de Macario" Thursday at the Library Theater at the Sundance Film Festival, was sold out, and boasted a lengthy Q&A with the filmmaker and the entire principal cast. One woman whose voice broke with emotion, simply thanked Pablo for bringing this beautiful story to the screen.

Ray Greene of Box writes, "A largely excellent cast seems at times a bit too young for its roles (this is particularly true of the lovely Tina Rodriguez as the Virgin Mary), and there are other signs of minimal budgeting and limited experience. But Veliz's eye for mundane detail and the importance of his theme transcend these limitations, and the central performances from Rogelio Ramos and Milicent Figueroa are graceful and assured.

Inspired by a real incident in which 19 illegal immigrants died a similar death, "La Tragedia de Macario" takes one of the great issues of our time and makes it human in scale. The suffocation scene is surely one of the most terrifying sequences that will appear in any movie shown this year."

I wholeheartedly agree.

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