Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Film SA

NEG Shooting "Leftovers" Feature on HD

Robin Nations' newest feature project is entitled "Leftovers" and features Sherri Small Truitt and a talented cast and crew. More updates as they get closer to wrap...


Director of Photography Russ Ansley's blog: http://blog.myspace.com/ransleyman
Erik Bosse's production blog: http://rebosse.livejournal.com/

Film SA

Cevallos Bros Wrapping San Antonio Feature

“The Ace in the Hole”, a new feature film from the Cevallos Brothers stars (left to right) Cesar Cervantes, Douglas Spain, Mark Ursone, and was filmed on location in San Antonio during March.

Film SA

7 Kilos (aka Modern Man)

Pablo Veliz has just wrapped his third feature film, a action/thriller/romance entitled "7 Kilos" (aka Modern Man). Cliff Weeks portrays the male lead, Cain, and Brenda Riojas portrays Camilla - the best and worst thing to happen to him in a long while.

The film is being distributed by Laguana Pictures out of LA.