Friday, February 01, 2008

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Alex Rivera's Sundance Video Diary

Ok, so this is funny. I was watching Alex Rivera's video diary from Sundance (Variety magazine gave filmmakers cameras to document their festival experience), and I turned up in it for just a second. I was at a screening of "Sleep Dealer", and the students from NESA Cinema Program were also there.

So I had met Alex last year, and we reconnected at the festival, and the kids wanted a picture with him, so we made our way to him in the crowd after the screening, I made some introductions, and proceeded to snap a picture or two. Well, here's the picture I took, and if you notice on the bottom of the frame, Alex has his video camera pointed directly at me. So the video of me taking a picture in his video diary (at minute 2:31), is at the same moment I was taking the picture. HAH! Isn't the space-time continuum cool?


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