Thursday, April 05, 2007

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How Locations Happen

Here's a good example of one of the primary things we do at the San Antonio Film Commission - location assistance. This still is from Pablo Veliz's new feature, "7 Kilos". Here's how the script describes the scene:



A young man by the name of CAIN MARKUM drives his old pick up truck up a Texas Road. He is heading to the General Store to pick up some feed and other supplies for the ranch he manages.

As he's pulling in, the corvette flies past him on the small road. Cain is a bit startled.

(mumbling to himself)
Wow, lady slow down, you're going to kill someone.

He pulls in to the store.


The Rio Medina store is one of my favorite locations that has a truly authentic look. The store has been used for films and commercials over the years, and with a small hardware store and a post office inside, its just the perfect match for a truly Texas general store. Timeless...

Anyway, our office has locations like this all over the area. We basically function like a matchmaker - sending filmmakers to the locations that fit their script. That's what we did with this one, and it worked out great. Thanks to the crew at Rio Medina store!

Stop by and grab a cold soda and some jerky, at the Rio Medina General Store.

Here's another great ranch location the filmmakers used less than 30 minutes from downtown San Antonio.


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