Friday, November 10, 2006

Film SA

San Antonio Independents

We're off today, to honor veterans, so I spent some time with my daughter (who was also on holiday from pre-school). We ran all the errands I've been meaning to do for weeks, make that months. I've been traveling a lot for the Film Commission, and hadn't really had a chance to catch my breath.

Anyway, at lunch we grabbed a current copy of the San Antonio Current and I was reading the "calendar" items under film.

Three films were screening this weekend, all independent, all made in San Antonio, with blood, sweat and tears. It occured to me how much I love this city, and in contrast to Austin, which I called home for 20 years, our indie scene, our indie FEATURE scene, is really strong. Kerry Valderrama's GARRISON, Pablo Veliz's CLEMENTE, and Kevin Williams' SANDWICH, are all screening within 72 hours of each other. Try to match that, Austin! (OK, OK, we were at Thundercloud Subs for lunch, but hey, that's a part of Austin that HASN'T changed).

San Antonio - Home of the NEW INDEPENDENTS

Go see some great films today!


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