Thursday, January 31, 2008

Film SA

Sundance '08

Had a great trip to Park City this year for the Sundance Film Festival. Saw some great films including Alex Rivera's "Sleep Dealer" and Neil Abramson's "American Son" with Nick Cannon. Congratulations also to Kerry Valderrama who's "Garrison" screened on Main Street to a receptive crowd. Here's a few pics....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Film SA

"Garrison" to screen in Park City

Kerry Valderrama's "Garrison" will screen at the Park City Music Film Festival January 21st at 2:45 PM. So if you are headed out to Sundance, don't miss this locally-filmed feature directorial debut for Kerry. Congratulations to the "Garrison" team on being accepted to the increasingly important festival.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Film SA

"Cowboy Smoke" Rocks!

Will Moore invited me up to Austin last week for a screening of "Cowboy Smoke" - its great. A wonderful, twisting, heartfelt ride through the immigration dilemma. I know we'll be seeing this film at festivals soon. And Will said he'd like to do a SA screening so stay tuned. Filmed in Victoria and Tivoli, Texas. Starring Mike Lutz and Estella Perez.

Film SA

"Double Dagger" Trailer

Pablo Veliz's latest feature, DOUBLE DAGGER, has a trailer now online. It looks great, with San Antonio doubling quite well for Los Angeles. Awesome voice over, too. Congratulations Pablo on feature #4...